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Title: Trebunie-Tutki  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Music of Poland, Juraj Jánošík, Gorals, Twinkle Brothers
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


Trebunie-Tutki is a folk musical group consisting of a family of musicians originating from Biały Dunajec village near Zakopane, Poland.[1] Though there are many members of the extended family that play music, the core musicians currently are Władysław Trebunia-Tutki (violin & vocals), his son Krzysztof (violin & vocals) and daughter Anna (basy & vocals).[2]

They are known for their collaboration with the Jamaican reggae band Twinkle Brothers, in which the two groups combine traditional mountain music of the Polish górale with reggae.[3][4][5] Their joint record, Pieśni Chwały (Songs of Glory), went gold in Poland.[6]


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