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Vice Commandant of the United States Coast Guard


Vice Commandant of the United States Coast Guard

Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard
Vice Admiral Peter V. Neffenger

since May 20, 2014
Formation 1929
First holder Benjamin M. Chiswell
Website Official Website

The Vice Commandant serves as the second-in-command of the United States Coast Guard.

Since 1929, 28 officers have served as Vice Commandant, or, as the position was referred to before 1972, Assistant Commandant. The title of the position was changed effective October 2, 1972, pursuant to Pub.L. 92–451.


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Vice Commandants of the Coast Guard

No. Rank Photo Tenure
1 CPT Benjamin M. Chiswell 1929–1931
2 RADM Leon C. Covell 1931-1941
3 RADM Lloyd T. Chalker 1941-1946
4 VADM Merlin O'Neill 1946-1949
5 RADM Alfred C. Richmond 1949-1954
6 VADM James A. Hirshfield 1954-1962
7 VADM Edwin J. Roland 1962-1962
8 VADM Donald M. Morrison 1962-1964
9 VADM William D. Shields 1964-1966
10 VADM Paul E. Trimble 1966-1970
11 VADM Thomas R. Sargent III 1970-1974
12 VADM Ellis L. Perry 1974-1978
13 VADM Robert H. Scarborough 1978-1982
14 VADM Benedict L. Stabile 1982-1986
15 VADM James C. Irwin 1986-1988
16 VADM Clyde T. Lusk 1988-1990
17 VADM Martin H. Daniell 1990-1992
18 VADM Robert T. Nelson 1992-1994
19 VADM Arthur E. Henn 1994-1996
20 VADM Richard D. Herr 1996-1998
21 VADM James C. Card 1998-2000
22 VADM Thomas H. Collins 2000-2002
23 VADM Thomas J. Barrett 2002-2004
24 VADM Terry M. Cross 2004-2006
25 VADM Vivien Crea 2006-2009
26 VADM David Pekoske 2009-2010
27 VADM Sally Brice-O'Hara 2010-2012
28 VADM John Currier 2012–2014
29 VADM Peter Neffenger 2014-Present

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