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Clan Macruari

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Title: Clan Macruari  
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Subject: Dubhghall mac Ruaidhri, Clann Somhairle, Scandinavian Scotland, Rulers of the Kingdom of the Isles, Clan Macruari
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Clan Macruari

Clan Macruari
District Bute, Uist, Barra, Eigg, Rùm, and Garmoran
Clan Macruari has no chief, and is an armigerous clan
MacDonald, MacDougall, and MacRuari territory, c.1266.

Clan Macruari was a Scottish clan founded by Ruaidhri mac Raghnaill, a son of Raghnall mac Somhairle, who was a son of Somhairle mac Gillebride. The lands of Clan Macruari were in Bute, Uist, Barra, Eigg, Rùm, and Garmoran.

Ruaidhri had two sons: Dubhghall and Ailean. As vassals of the King of Norway, the clan participated in Haakon Haakonarson, King of Norway's campaign of 1263, in which the king attempted to reassert Norwegian control of the western seaboard of Scotland. During this campaign, Dubhghall and Ailean, amongst other Norse-Gaelic vassals, were tasked to penetrate deep into the Lennox, in an action which saw the Islesmen portage their galleys from Loch Long to Loch Lomond. While the Islesmen thus raided the Lennox, Haakon's forces fought the celebrated Battle of Largs against the forces of Alexander III, King of Scots.

Dubhghall died without male issue and was succeeded by his brother Ailean. His estate was inherited by his daughter Christina of Garmoran who then resigned her lands to her brother Ruaidhri mac Ailean. Ruaidhri had two sons Raghnall mac Ruari, Ailean mac Ruari and a daughter Amie nic Ruari, who became the first wife of John of Islay, Lord of the Isles.

Ruaidhri was forfeited of his lands for treason in 1325 by King Robert I of Scotland after supporting Edward Baliol but in 1344 his son Raghnall was pardoned and confirmed in his fathers previous possessions. Raghnall was assassinated near Perth in October 1346 at Elcho Nunnery as the result of a quarrel with Uilleam III, Earl of Ross and the Macruari lands passed to Amie. Uilleam III, Earl of Ross was the brother-in-law of John of Islay, Lord of the Isles who gained the Macruari lands through his marriage to Amie. Not much is known about Ailean mac Ruari.


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