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Orders, decorations, and medals of Myanmar

This article considers the military and civil orders, decorations and medals of Burma.


  • Military 1
    • Order of the Star of the Revolution 1.1
    • Aung San Thuriya 1.2
    • Thiha Thura 1.3
    • Thura 1.4
  • Civil awards 2
  • References 3


Order of the Star of the Revolution

Order of the Star of the Revolution

This award was for participation in both military and civil struggles of Burma's independence. This award is granted for service in three different periods:

  1. 8 January to 26 July 1942
  2. 27 July 1942 to 26 March 1945
  3. 27 March to 15 August 1945

Participants in all three periods were awarded the First Class, participants in only two periods received the second class and participants in only in one period were awarded the third class. The provision of this award can be passed down to direct heirs of the original participant and to be worn, multi-generationally, in this fashion similar to the awards bestowed by the ancient Myanmar kings to their loyal subjects. It was established in 1953 and the last Order of the Star of Revolution was awarded on 24 November 1986.

Aung San Thuriya

Aung San Thuriya Medal

Instituted in 1948, the Aung San Thuriya (အောင်ဆန်းသူရိယဘွဲ့) medal is the highest recognition for valour and gallantry "in the face of the enemy" that can be awarded to members of the Myanmar Armed Forces of any ranks in any services. This is the highest military award in Myanmar and it is equivalent to British Victoria Cross and German Knight Cross of the Iron Cross.

The decoration is a one and half inch (3.8 cm) stainless steel stylized sun of sixteen rays. Suspended by an integral straight bar suspender. The name of the recipient name and year of award is engraved on the reverse and the sun was held by two ribbons.

To this day, there have only been 6 Aung San Thuriya medals has been awarded and only one of the recipient is civilian. The recipients are:[1]

Name Rank Serial No. Ethnicity Unit Awarding Order No. Date Battlefield Enemy Forces
Aye Cho Major BC 5180 Burman No. 21 Union Military Police Battalion N/A 1948 Battle of Po Tha Aung Gon Communist Party of Burma (CPB)
Taik Chun Lieutenant BC 7288 Chin No. 1 Chin Rifles Battalion N/A 18/04/1949 Battle of Insein Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO)
Hla Thaung Private 88865 Burman No. 3 Burma Rifles Battalion 10/A Htoo/50 29/04/1949 Battle of Daik-U Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO)
Suk Bahadur Rai Private 01914 Gurkha No. 4 Burma Rifles Battalion 14/A Htoo/51 05/1950 Battle of Tachileik Highway Kuomintang (KMT)
Saw Myint Private 60603 Karen No. 1 Karen Rifles Battalion 3/A Htoo/52 28/06/1951 Battle of Yethogyi Road Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO)
Saw Ba Yi Civilian - Karen - 3/A Htoo/52 28/06/1951 Battle of Yethogyi Road Karen National Defence Organisation (KNDO)

Thiha Thura

Thiha Thura Medal

The decoration is a bronze stylized Burmese lion, with the name of the decoration written in Burmese "Thiha Thura" (သီဟသူရ) on the scroll below. The ribbon is 1.25 inches (32 mm), bright red with yellow edges or red with dark green centre stripes.

A total of 46 Thiha Thura Medals has been awarded between 1949 and 2003.[2]


Thura Medal

A silver depiction of a stylized rising sun with the central sun in red enamel. The ribbon is 32 mm, bright red with yellow edges and a yellow center stripe.

To date, a total of 517 Thura medals has been awarded.

Civil awards

In the Parliamentary Democracy Period after regaining Independence in 1948, the honorary titles and honorary medals in conformity with the independent and sovereign country were created to confer them on the outstanding persons. From 1948 to 1978, the honorary titles and honorary medals conferred on the outstanding persons were as follows:-

  1. Independence Mawgunwin Title (First, Second and Third Classes)
  2. Thingaha Honorary Title
  3. Thudhamma Thingaha
  4. Agga Maha Thirithudhamma Title
  5. Thadoe Thirithudhamma Title
  6. Maha Thirithudhamma Title
  7. Pyidaungsu Sithu Thingaha
  8. Agga Maha Tharaysithu Title
  9. Thadoe Maha Tharaysithu Title
  10. Maha Tharaysithu Title
  11. Tharaysithu Title
  12. Sithu Title
  13. Honorary Title for Gallantry (It had not been awarded)
  14. Honorary Titles for Outstanding Performance
  15. Thiri Pyanchi Title
  16. Wunna Kyawhtin Title
  17. Alinka Kyawswa Title
  18. Theikpa Kyawswa Title
  19. Zeya Kyawhtin Title
  20. Medals for Gallantry
  21. Aung San Thuriya
  22. Thiha Thura
  23. Thura
  24. Aung San Medal
  25. Thiha Bala Medal
  26. Gallantry Medal
  27. Pyidaungsu Gold Medal
  28. Pyidaungsu Silver Medal
  29. Good Military Service Medal
  30. State Good Military Service Medal
  31. Good Police Service Medal (first and second classes)
  32. Medals for Outstanding Performances (It had not been awarded)
  33. In 1978, the Burma Socialist Programme Party issued new provision on honorary titles and honorary medals in conformity with the Socialist System to amend the honorary titles and honorary medals awarded in the Parliamentary Democracy Period. According to new provision, the titles and medals were conferred on those who forged the Socialism, on those who made utmost efforts for improvement of the Socialist economic system and on those who made sacrifice of lives in safeguarding the nation. The honorary titles and medals awarded from 1978 to 1988 were as follows:-

    1. Independence Mawgunwin Medal (First, Second and Third Classes)
    1. Honorary Title
    2. Tagun Group
    3. Aung San Tagun Title
    4. Pyidaungsu Tagun Title
    5. Tagun Title
    6. Zarni Group
    7. Lanzin Zarni Title
    8. Pyidaungsu Zarni Title
    9. Zarni Title
    10. Naingngan Gonyi Title (First and Second Classes) (no permission to use it as prefix or suffix to the name of the winner)
    11. Honorary Titles for Gallantry
    12. Aung San Thuriya Title
    13. Thiha Thura Title
    14. Thura Title
    15. Honorary Titles for Outstanding Performance (It had not been awarded)
    16. Medals for Gallantry
    17. Aung San Medal
    18. Thiha Bala Medal
    19. Gallantry Medal
    20. Ye Thiha Medal
    21. Ye Thura Medal
    22. Ye Bala Medal
    23. Medals for Outstanding Performance
    24. All-round Excellent Performance in Socialist Economy
    25. Excellent Performance in Agricultural Field (First, Second and Third Classes)
    26. Excellent Performance in Industrial Field (First, Second and Third Classes)
    27. All-round Excellent Performance in Socialist Democracy
    28. Excellent Performance in Administrative Field (First, Second and Third Classes)
    29. Excellent Performance in Social Field (First, Second and Third Classes)
    30. Ayaydawpon Medal
    31. Independence Organizing Medal
    32. Medal of Freedom
    33. Good Military Service Medal
    34. Good Public Medal
    35. Medal for those who made sacrifices
    36. State Military Service Medal
    37. Medal for Combating Foreign Enemy
    38. People’s Militia Combat Medal
    39. Ye Thurein Medal
    40. Ye Kyawswa Medal
    41. Ye Kyawthu Medal
    42. Good Police Service Medal
    43. State Police Service Medal
    44. Police Joint Combat Medal
    45. Public Good Service Medal
    46. Public Service Medal
    47. Rule of Law and Order Medal
    48. The honorary titles and medals awarded from 1988 to 2009 were as same as from period of 1978 to 1988. There were no changes in honorary titles and medals and most were awarded in accord with the system practised in the period of Burma Socialist Programme Party.

      In 2001, State Peace and Development Council added new categories of medals in the Medals for Outstanding Performance. They were:-

      • Excellent Performance in Arts (First, Second and Third Classes)
      • Excellent Performance in Science (First, Second and Third Classes)
      • Excellent Performance in Medical Field (First, Second and Third Classes)
      • Excellent Performance in Technology (First, Second and Third Classes)

      In December 2009, State Peace and Development Council issued the new provision on honorary tiles and honorary medals. The following are the current 16 honorary titles and 22 honorary medals and classes are awarded:-

      1. Thingaha Title
      2. Thudama Thingaha
      3. Agga Maha Thiri Thudama Title
      4. Thadoe Thiri Thudama Title
      5. Maha Thiri Thudama Title
      6. Pyidaungsu Sithu Thingaha
      7. Agga Maha Tharay Sithu Title
      8. Thadoe Maha Tharay Sithu Title
      9. Maha Tharay Sithu Title
      10. Tharay Sithu Title
      11. Sithu Title
      12. Gallantry Title
      13. Aung San Thuriya Title
      14. Thiha Thura Title
      15. Thura Title
      16. Title for Outstanding Performance
      17. Thiri Pyanchi Title
      18. Zeya Kyawhtin Title
      19. Wunna Kyawhtin Title
      20. Alinka Kyawswa Title
      21. Theikpa Kyawswa Title
      22. Gallantry Medal
      23. Aung San Medal
      24. Thiha Bala Medal
      25. Gallantry Medal
      26. Ye Thiha Medal
      27. Ye Thura Medal
      28. Ye Bala Medal
      29. Medal for Outstanding Performance
      30. Myanmar Military Service Thingaha Medal
      31. Good Military Service Medal
      32. Good Public Medal
      33. State Military Service Medal
      34. Medal for Thwarting Foreign Enemy
      35. People’s Militia Combat Medal
      36. Ye Thurein Medal
      37. Ye Kyawswa Medal
      38. Ye Kyaw Thu Medal
      39. Good Police Service Medal
      40. State Police Service Medal
      41. Myanmar Joint Police Combat Medal
      42. Good Public Service Medal
      43. Public Service Medal
      44. Rule of Law and Order Medal
      45. State Peace Medal
      46. References

        1. ^ Defence Museum, Yangon
        2. ^ The New Light of Myanmar. 
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