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Title: Norid  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: .no, .bv, .sj, Norid, Internet in Norway
Collection: 2003 Establishments in Norway, Companies Based in Trondheim, Companies Established in 2003, Internet in Norway
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Uninett Norid AS
Industry Domain name registry
Headquarters Trondheim, Norway
Area served
Services .no
Revenue NOK 23.1 million (2009)[1]
NOK 6.6 million (2009)[1]
Profit NOK 4.8 million (2009)[1]
Parent Uninett

Uninett Norid AS, trading as Norid, is the domain name registry for the three Norwegian country code top-level domains (ccTLD) .no, .sj and .bv. The non-profit company is based in Trondheim, where it shares offices with its parent company Uninett; both companies being owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Norid operates under contract with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, supervised by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority. Uninett took over responsibility for the Norwegian domain in 1987, and in 2003 it was spun off as a separate company. Only .no is open for registration.


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The registry for .no was in 1983 given to


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The domains .bv and .sj remain reserved for potential future use. Sale of the two unused ccTLDs has not been an item to consider for policymakers, as commercialization of the domain resources is in direct contradiction to Norwegian policy.[9]

[14] letters. Norid also maintains a series of second-level domains for geographic locations and special institutions. There is also a series of domain names that cannot be registered.Sami Domain names must consist of 2 to 63 characters. Permitted characters are the lower-case English letters a through z, digits (0 through 9), the three Norwegian letter æ, ø and å, and 20 special [13] Only organizations with a local presence in Norway and with registration in the

The policy for use of the domains is regulated by the Regulation Concerning Domain Names Under Norwegian Country Code Top-level Domains, also known as the Domain Regulation. This regulation also regulates .bv and .sj, and would be effective for these, should they later come unto use.[12]


Uninett Norid AS is a limited company wholly owned by Uninett, a subsidiary of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. The offices are co-located with Uninett in Trondheim.[8] Norid manages three country ccTLDs: .no, .sj and .bv. The former is the main domain for Norway, and the latter two are not open for registration.[9] The legal right to manage the domains is two-fold, based both on an agreement with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and regulations via the Telecommunication Act which is supervised by the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.[10] In 2009, the company had a revenue of 23.1 million Norwegian krone.[1] Norid is a member of the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries.[11]



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